About Us

The Vision

To be a recognised global, technology-based, investment holding company, with an Asian footprint, leveraging on related businesses with a conscious corporate social responsibility.


Vascory AG invests in companies that provide technology-based services or develop cutting edge technologies within the Asian region, through appropriate financial instruments or direct shareholdings. With a global, but local team equipped with vast experience and extensive networks in its markets, Vascory AG conducts its business via a research-driven analytical approach. Through its creative and customised transaction structuring, together with an ability to leverage on synergies between its subsidiaries, Vascory AG believes that it can acquire and nurture companies to their potential and beyond, creating sustainable shareholder value through both capital and dividend growth.


At Vascory, corporate governance is omnipresent, involving all areas of the organisation. Transparency in reporting and a governance policy aimed at the interests of stakeholders are a part of our established tradition. The Board of Directors and Supervisory Board ensure stringent corporate governance, founded on mutual trust and shared responsibility, which have long been the basis for managing the group. Our underlying corporate culture is based on these principles and encourages individual initiative with goal congruence in view.

From the CEO

“All through its history, the Vascory Group has dependably reinvented itself. As an investor in innovation, the organisation intends to nurture change, both in business and in the wider community. Setting the standard with our ethical and commercial principles, now and in the future, we will lead the Vascory Group into an era, in which we will use innovation to change and shape technology to enhance quality of life.

We are passionate about our future and look forward to continued growth whilst contributing towards corporate and socially responsible initiatives”

– Eduard Will